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Choosing Will Get I.T. Done helps us support our community

Over the years Will Get IT Done has donated numerous computers to the community.  This year we refurbished 20 computers for Seeds for Success and donated at least 10 other computers.

This holiday season we have donated 5 computers to local individuals.  An anonymous donor provides funding for parts to help with this give back.  


Contact us


Please help by checking in your closet for potentially viable hardware.  Feel free to reach out to us to schedule a drop-off.  Any personal data will be removed from your equipment.

Annapolis is a resort community with a strong sense of helping our neighbors.

William Small, Owner, Will Get I.T. Done

We need monitors for a pile of desktop computers, and laptops Windows 7 era or later.

Anything helps. Please direct cash donations to Seeds for Success.

Will Get IT Done sponsored Annapolis Jazz Kids with a computer and printer. They gave us a love letter.





We earned a love letter from Annapolis Jazz Kids.