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tech support - laptop repair - water damage
Will Get IT Done analyzes a computer that injested some beer. Its daughter board got a buzz

Computers rather not drink

Has your computer ingested water or some other liquid?  DON’T try to just turn it on and see.  It only takes a little bit.

If your electronic has gotten wet and is not waterproof – schedule a appointment to have it checked out.  Electronics are fragile. Without inspection the user doesn’t know where water has gotten.  In this image the spill intruded into a connector which carried power. The beer caused the circuit to short and fry the computer.  Will Get I.T. Done can help with some spill damage.  We will help you make a informed decision once we have all the information.


Disaster Recovery Server Job November 11, 2022

Disaster Recovery is one of our specialities.  The client had us set up a server in 2009 and over time and through Covid-19, they skipped “unnecessary” expenses like maintenance.  When the machine crashed as they inevitably do, they came straight to us.  Within a hour we had them able to print the reports they urgently needed, and we got the server back up and running and a proper disaster recovery plan.  

photo by Jim Shaffer https://www.jimshaffergroup.com


William Small

Planning for the inevitable computer failure is the responsible and attainable.  Reach out to us to make sure you have business continuity plan.