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Small Business IT Support Services in Annapolis, MD

At Will Get I.T. Done, we offer IT support for local Maryland businesses. We can help fix, diagnose, or consult with you on your IT issues to help you get them resolved.

As businesses, we are dependent on our technology. Waiting on technology, allowing viruses to spread or being unable to recover important data can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars.

Think of us as your IT partners. For small businesses without an IT staff, we can help with big and small issues you face. For businesses with an IT department, we offer consulting services and can be an extra hand when you need it most. We offer extensive expertise and prompt service so that your business can function properly without waiting around on tech.

Here are the Business It Support Services we offer to Maryland area businesses:


  • Computer Repair, Setup and General Computer help

When your computer systems or software don’t function properly it can cause a big headache and loss of productivity. Slow computers, broken equipment, and malfunctioning software, all of these are computer issues businesses regularly face.

Whether it is an employee laptop or an entire office worth of desktops we can diagnose, repair, and help you troubleshoot any of your business’s computer problems.


  • Office 365 setup, installation, troubleshooting, and admin support

Many small businesses choose to use office 365 but without internal IT staff, they often run into many issues. These issues can take hours away from productivity when an IT professional versed in Office 365 can have you up and running in no time.

We offer support for setting up Office 365 for employees, helping to add new users, helping migrate from a different system, and helping to troubleshoot any other difficulties businesses face with their Office 365 systems.


  • Network Services / Wifi Support

Inefficient wifi can frustrate employees and kill productivity. Many businesses think their network headaches are due to the service provider, and while that’s somewhat true, many wifi issues can be fixed without paying more on your monthly wifi bill.

We help businesses improve their wifi speed, extend it to cover a larger area, and can repair broken network equipment.


  • Virus Removal

Viruses and Malware pose a serious threat to businesses. A virus on one employee’s computer can easily be passed through a company’s entire computer system. It’s bad enough for a virus to spread through an organizations’ computers, but it gets worse if that virus also infects client or supplier technology as well.

We can help remove viruses from a single computer and we can also help clean up viruses that have spread to other systems.


  • Data Backup

Data backup is the best preventative measure a business can take to protect its digital assets. Losing important data can cost thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity not to mention the lost trust if the data lost was an important aspect of your relationship with a client.

Any data backup system is beneficial, but we choose to use DATTO solutions for our clients to improve the estimated recovery time and minimize downtime and financial loss. Losing data can cripple a business. Don’t wait until a power outage or virus threatens your data before wondering how if it’s backed up or not.


  • Data Recovery

Not every business is fortunate enough to have a data backup system in place. Fortunately for the businesses who do lose their data, we provide data recovery services.

Data recovery can be used to recover lost documents, images, videos, and other files due to broken equipment, viruses, corrupted software and various other issues. It’s not a perfect process, but it gives businesses a chance to recover their valuable data when they need it.

In addition to recovering lost or damaged files, we can also help businesses recover the data from their backup systems if they are unfamiliar with the process.


  • Business Continuity Planning

Most businesses don’t know how much they stand to lose if their systems fail or if they lose all their data. For many businesses, a total shutdown would force them to close for good. If your business shut down, how much profit and productivity would you lose if you were down for an hour? What about a day?

Here at Will Get IT Done, we help businesses plan for the worst-case scenarios with business continuity planning. We help create an opportunity for businesses to bounce back immediately after a technology outage by providing data backup and access to virtual servers. This allows businesses to minimize downtime, the costs of data recovery and other losses due to technology disruptions.


  • Managed IT Services

Day to day IT management is overwhelming for a majority of businesses. Additionally, cyber security has become a steadily growing threat. To remedy this, businesses should consider hiring a managed service provider to help them manage their IT needs and security risks.

Partnering with us as your managed IT service provider allows you to outsource all or some of your IT processes. From network administration to software training, and of course support for your daily IT needs, a managed services partner will help you to improve your IT processes, reduce risks, minimize technology issues, and potentially cut costs.


  • General IT Support

There’s a multitude of potential tech issues that companies can come across on a daily basis. Equipment malfunctions, software issues, or they are not quite sure why something isn’t working but they need help.

We offer support for many miscellaneous tech issues that businesses may be facing. If it has to do with technology, chances are it’s something we can help with.


Just give us a call (443) 336-0491 or leave us an online request and we will let you know how we can be of assistance.








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