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2 factor authentication 2fa MFA Tips

We are all expected to utilize 2 factor authentication (2fa), multi factor authentication (MFA), 2-step verification.  This is a necessary security step to protect your accounts and property.  This prevents someone from logging into your account even if they have your password and gives you a notification to another account that someone is attempting to sign into your account.  

Always have a backup method available when using 2-Step Verification, 2fa, or MFA.  Just as these security steps protect your account, if not set up properly they can also lock you out.  Will Get IT Done is here to help with securing your account and your data including properly setting up this security.  Reach out to us today for assistance.

Neglecting to properly set your account up risks losing access to your account and all the data in it.  Just like most other things, having verified redundancy is called for.  The system you are looking to for protection turns on you and obstructs you to your own data.  These massive companies do not guarantee they will help you get access and often they err on the side of privacy, locking you out.

A backup method is another email account associated with your account, another phone number, or a voice number.

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