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Administrative Support

We can help you get tasks done faster

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Whether you’re looking for support in work related tasks or personal to-dos; we have the right assistants to help you get the job done.

With our organizational skills and administrative mindset Will Get IT Done can tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Do you need help organizing your back office? Catching up with invoices or reviewing emails? Need some flyers made for a event or offering?  Can we help get you out of your paperwork so you can go out and get more clients?

See below for a small sampling of the work we can do for you.

Everyday workflow tasks


Get your inbox under control with our helpful services:


  • Email Screening
  • Inbox Cleanup
  • Creating and transmitting responses
  • Notifying when critical replies are due
  • Unsubscribing from undesired emails
  • Spam Filtering
  • Content Categorizing
  • Automation Rulesets
  • Custom Labels
  • Content Filters 



Get an Assistant


Whether you’re looking for support in work tasks or personal to-dos; our assistants will help you go


  • Organize and store documents

  • Keep track of and pay bills

  • Monitor spending and handle overall project administration.

  • Check on your tasks regularly, either daily or weekly

  • Make reports on how you used your time.

  • Send morning briefings to prep for your day

  • Prior to the meeting, create a context and agenda

  • Record what was discussed during the meeting

  • Send any relevant notes to those who attended

  • Address any action items that were discussed

  • Mail Screening

  • Event flyers, print ready art


Get an Assistant


Our scheduling abilities are vast and we can jump in at any moment.


  • Managing all scheduling needs

  • Setting up recurring and single events

  • Rescheduling and cancellations,

  • Organizing travel

  • Making reservations for meals and accommodations.

  • Research local attractions






Get An Assistant


Your finances are an integral part of your business, with us you can:

  • Set up financial tracking software
  • Manage weekly reporting
  • Represent finances in weekly / monthly meetings
  • Stay aware of your financial position without stress
  • Manage payroll

  • Create recurring payments

  • Stay current with invoices
  • Monitor bills and expenses
  • Categorize expenditures
  • Manage current financial softwares
  • Have a trusted party to work with your CPA


Get an Assistant

Office Management

The office is where we organize our business, creating as much order as possible there as big results

  • Order office supplies
  • Set up financial tracking software
  • Source office service providers

  • Organize business or individual contacts

  • Respond to invitations and messages from LinkedIn

  • Set reminders to reconnect with people.

  • Make sure to follow up with people and connect with them on LinkedIn after you have met with them.

  • Help onboard new employees

  • Send team recognition gifts

  • Facilitate team feedback surveys



Get an Assistant

Data Entry

Keeping track of your data and customers is a backbone of business growth

  • Monitor and Update Spreadsheets

  • Input into databases
  • Knowledge base maintenance
  • Inventory tracking
  • Survey data entry







Get An Assistant



Includes 10 hours

Every additional hour is $75

  • Dedicated assistant on-site or virtual
  • Coverage for emergencies and time off
  • Task management and delegations
  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Invoice Management

Get Assistance



Includes 30 hours
Every additional hour is $65

  • Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Priority Support
  • Success Coaching
  • 1 Month Free of Holistic Support


Get Pro assistance



Includes 50 hours
Every additional hour is $55

  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Profit Consulting
  • Systems Development Support
  • Includes Holistic Support


Get Advanced Assistance

“I was able to become way more organized and punctual, while letting go of a lot of stress. I never realized that I needed an admin assistant until I had one.. Now I’ll never go back to doing things myself.”

Tim Schnell

How an Administrative Assistant can help you

Administration or office management is actually a pretty complex task. Many of us go into business thinking it will be straight forward and easy for us to make money sharing our skillset. But once we start sharing your skill and creating a lot of opportunity for ourselves, there comes a tipping point where now we have to keep up with all of our financial records (Quickbooks) and back office paperwork (Will Get I.T. Done).

Once this happens, a lot of us get trapped in our new business that we created, and don’t realize that we can free ourselves up by simply having an assistant. Often it is difficult for an entrepreneur to train an assistant or go through the hiring process; even these tasks aren’t as simple as they seem.

For that reason, we have started a service to provide talented and well trained assistants who focus on helping you create the great organization you need to succeed. 

Some of the seemingly simple areas that quickly become complex, are listed below:

We do our bookkeeping with accounting software so that you can have the right data to empower your growth.

  • Managing each financial record, whether it is from accounts receivable or accounts payable.
  • Light training to help understand financial information and the difference between the technical terms
  • Setting up an expense tracker to help with.. you got it, expense tracking. For Profit and Loss.
  • Creating a general ledger to track debits and credits, allowing us to create financial statements
  • Recording financial transactions from the bank account to see a balance sheet
  • Invoice processing to get you paid and keep after those who still need to
  • Double entry bookkeeping and preparing an income statement

Once we have those established and you’re moving smoothly, we can start to tackle Human Resources and figure out where you can grow. Easily organize your email address inbox with label creation and then once we do really well, you might even be ready for an executive assistant!


Different financial software that we recommend looking at:

Wave – Free Accounting Software

Freshbooks – Good for Small Businesses


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We can provide On Site Support or a Virtual Assistant

We provide administrative assistants in Annapolis and the surrounding area, but we also have virtual assistants in the case that you need professional support for your growing enterprise.

Our team of virtual assistants are well versed in online productivity suites and the essential business software. With modern integrations we can plug in and start working, or even upgrade your current workflows.

If your goal is to become more efficient and productive, we’ve got you covered.

Connect to a Virtual Assistant


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We are available for any administration or service request, please feel free to call or email us below and we will get back to you promptly. If you call during office hours we will be able to respond immediately.

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