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Network Closet & IT Cabinet Cleanup

Is your cable closet a mess?
Do you have a backroom that needs to be organized?
Maybe the IT guy left your space years ago and never came back?

We are here to help!

Preserve Your Devices

The longer that your devices go unmanaged while collecting dust, the more opportunities there are for those components to deteriorate.

Dust and tangled cables create a perfect environment for electronics to start going bad. They can get their wires corroded, boards clogged up and overheated, have circuit stresses, not to mention the invitation to trip over and unplug things accidentally.

But don’t worry, we have an expert solution for you and a lot of reasons why it is necessary to keep that area clean! The communication technology that runs your business is one of the most important pieces; after-all it is what processes your payments and keeps you connected!

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Declutter Your IT Closet, Cabinet, & Rack

  • Promote airflow & mitigate dust
  • Network closet cleanup with professional cable management
  • Free up extra storage space with data cabinet reorganization
  • Identify aging systems and perform cable rack cleanup
  • Create easy access and saved time
  • Improve overall network closet organization

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Dedicated to Quality

Special Offer – $400.00

We are experts at cable management and equipment mounting.

Our technicians will come to your business and do a full reorganization of your network or IT closet; inspecting, cleaning, and safeguarding your hardware for only $400.00.

Our services are often referred to as the following:

  • Cable Management Cleanup
  • Cable Closet Organization
  • Commercial Cable Closet Services
  • Business Network Cabinet Cleanup
  • Server Room Cable Management
  • Business Cable Management
  • Professional Cable Cleanup
  • Network Rack Cleaning
  • IT Equipment Closet Optimization
  • Wire Closet Revamp
  • Server Rack Tidying 
  • Structured Wiring Cleanup

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Our cable management solution and closet systems say goodbye to tangled wires and cables.

Cable Types

Fiber Optic Cables, Patch Cords, Network Cables, Telecoms, Data Cabling


Organize different types of cables with rack mounts and zip ties to free up floor space

Businesses Serviced

Restaurants, Small Businesses, Data Centers, Security Rooms, Retail Shops, Grocery Stores, Etc. 

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Our cable management professionals are ready to handle your telecomm room cleanout and provide you with rack and stack services. Contact us below and schedule your commercial wiring cleanup today!

702 Melrose St Suite O, Annapolis, MD 21401

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