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Will was called upon to reproduce CDs from a professionally created video. The production standards hadto be as high as the videographers who were very demanding. Will produced the CDs quickly and exactly to our specifications, even adding valuable elements we had not considered. As always, we were in a rush and Will geared up and delivered immediately and at a competitive cost. Our fundraisers and our viewers are impressed and we are very pleased. We will ask for more reproductions of the CDs and would confidently recommend Will’s services.

Will Small is a supremely customer focused technology genius. He makes complexity make sense and technology work for me. Will guided me through the purchase of some important hardware upgrades, including a MacBook Air with both the Apple and Windows operating systems. Swipe three fingers across the keypad and I can go from Mac to Windows. Very cool as I learn the Mac. If I have a glitch on a business trip to Eagle, Idaho or wherever, Will can remotely access my machine and have it fixed before my presentation starts. I call him a miracle worker, but for him it’s just part of his daily “can-do” routine.

Will Small is the go-to man for all our family’s computer needs, whether it’s fixing a difficult problem with a house call, or taking an emergency phone call about a computer glitch and repairing it remotely in less than half an hour.
Joan Jacobson and Bill Barry

“Will Get I.T. Done came in a with smooth innovation, and unraveled the mess the “other” computer guys created in the Network at our Organization. We hold great confidence in the work of WillGetItDone- he’s true to the name and – will get the job done with professional and friendly intention – THANKS again to WillGetItDone.”

“I was on the phone for 2 days,a total of 15 hours with iyogi, a tech support company transfered to me by Microsoft. The problem was unresolved. They suggested I reformat my computer and start from scratch. I said no way! I’ll wait till Will returns from vacation. When he came he found the problem and had it figured out in an hour. WOW! I had spent all that time with 3 different techs at iyogi. Will took care of me in 3 hours total. With out reinstallation. I was so thankful I did not have to spend hours re-installing programs. He even wrote a letter to iyogi asking for a refund for me. Thanks Will!” Stan died May 2, 2012. He shared stories of a full life with me. http://monroegallery.blogspot.com/2012/03/stan-stearns-dies-captured-immortal.html  Thank you Stan.

“If you have any IT issues, take it from us ~ Will get IT done!! IT issues take my breath away, and not in a good way!! Will restores my ability to BREATHE. Thank YOU Will, for sharing your talents and gifts!! We appreciate YOU!!”